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adapted by Tony Kushner from Pierre Corneille

Fall 2006 at Acadia University, Wolfville Nova Scotia

Directed by Jennifer H. Capraru
Set and Projection Design by Denyse Karn
Lighting Design by Susanne Hudson
Sound Design by Lisa St. Clair


" good it's almost an illusion. A fantastic success... very entertaining production and one of the best at Acadia in the last few years."
The Athenaeum

"The end of the first act, in particular, is spell-binding and director Jennifer Capraru has wrought a powerful potion along with her production team. Each element - setting, blocking, casting, costumes, sound, and lighting - is evocative and suffused with meaning. The ensemble moves ably from pratfalls, grandiose gestures, and comic excesses, to more serious meditations about the nature of love and illusion."


Illusion 2

Illusion 3

Illusion 4

Illusion 5

Illusion 6


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