“Nous ne sommes rien. C’est çe que nous cherchons qui est tout.”
—F. Holderlin, Hypérion,
La-Bas, Hier, Içi, L’Autre, Chemin, Littoral.


A universal story of war, exile and self-discovery, which follows a young man's journey to bury his father in his native land - where one additional corpse is one too many.

Both hilarious and thought provoking, huge in scale yet deeply personal, Littoral (Tideline) is an imaginative fable of identity, which echoes diaspora stories from all over the world. Originally set in Canada and Lebanon, it was adapted for a Rwandan context and presented in French. Developmental and adaptation workshops of LITTORAL were held in 2007 and 2009.

African Première, Kigali, Rwanda July 23rd, 2010 at Ishyo Arts.
And on tour to Gysenyi’s Centre Culturel, Butare’s Théâtre de Verdure and Ruhengeri’s HIE College.

Funding Partners: The Canada Council for the Arts, the Dutch and Swiss Embassies, the Canadian Consulate via CIDA, Emerald Foundation. Production Partners: Ishyo Arts, Goethe Institut, Positive Productions, the Belgian and French Embassies, Contact FM, Sulfo Industries.

Playwright Wajdi Mouawad is Associate Artist at the Avignon Festival, a recipient of the French Order of Letters, and Director of the French Theatre at the National Arts Centre of Canada. Littoral is the first of the four plays of Le Sang Des Promesses, premièred in Montreal in 1999 and produced internationally. Littoral is the recipient of the Prix Molière, France’s highest award for dramatic literature, and of the Governor General’s Award of Canada.

Wilfrid -- Hervé KIMENYI
Le Père -- Thomas NYARWAYA
Le Chevalier -- Jean Paul UWAYEZU
Simone, Lucie, Jeanne Solange -- Liza UMUHIRE
Amé, Ismael, Jamil -- Jean-Pierre BUCYENSENGE
Massi, Emil, Hakim -- Leon MANDALI
Sabbé, François, Mdm. Hakim -- Sophie METINHOUE
Joséphine, Marie, Wazaan -- Natacha MUZIRAMAKENGA

Director, Producer -- Jennifer H. Capraru
Design -- Claire St Blancat, Amal Kharrat de Clercq
Choreography -- Eugene Dushime
Lighting -- Ariane Zaytzeff
Original Music -- Solange Umuhire
Production Manager -- Jean Paul Uwayezu
Communications -- Alice Kayibanda
Technical Team -- Positive Productions
Head Lighting, Sound -- Raoul Rugamba
Head Scenic Construction -- Alhadj Malenge
Head Couturier -- Emmanuel Ngoye
Production Ass’t -- Yvonne Umuraza
Ass’t Directors -- Ariane Zaytzeff, Solange Umuhire