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IS‘KO... depending on how it is pronounced, this Kinyarwanda word means "the source" or "the market" in Rwanda's national language. It was chosen because theatre is a powerful re-source, one that brings artists together, builds unity, and shares life, stories and inspiration. And because theatre is also a market, for creative economy, capacity building, social entrepreneurship, and job-creation.

So we launched IS‘KO, The Theatre Source, on July 4th 2008 to get the theatre to the people, and the people to the theatre. Since then we have toured an internationally acclaimed and award winning Canadian play in Kinyarwanda to 7 towns, trained actors, dialogued with audiences, held workshops and made theatre that speaks to Rwanda's history and to Rwandans from all walks of life who are building a peaceful society and fighting against the ideology of genocide.

Now we are calling out to you to cozy up with the voices coming at you direct from the KGL - Kigali, Rwanda - busting out as the fastest-growing city in Africa, where 50% of the country's citizens are under 25. And where culture is not a luxury - it is a necessity.

Please join us on our expedition, as we scour the 1,000 hills of Rwanda for the best and most provocative playwrights, the brave actors to bring it to life, and the nation's first fearless directors, who have the challenge of pulling it all together for their audiences.

A theatre dollar goes a long way in Rwanda. Here is what your donation supports:

Every Canadian donation is tax-deductable, federally registered charity 139906275 R0001

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